Meet the board

Kelsey Reed
Swan Group

Kelsey joined the GWiChE board in 2019 as the treasurer for the group and stepped up to the role of vice president in 2021. She enjoys helping with event planning and meeting other womxn in engineering at MIT. In addition to GWiChE, she also serves as a department representative for Chemical Engineering within GW@MIT. Kelsey is in the Swan group where she uses theory and simulations to study nanoemulsions in applied magnetic fields.

Narumi Wong
Vice President and Co-Treasurer
Tisdale-Baldo Group

Narumi joined the GWiChE board in 2020 as a treasurer for the group. She is passionate about womxn in STEM and enjoys getting to meet and talk to people who share the same interests. Narumi is a member of both the Tisdale and Baldo Labs where she works on studying interfaces in solar cells.

Lexy LeMar
Kroll Group

Lexy joined the board in 2022 as co-treasurer. She is excited to help organize and plan events that foster community among the womxn in ChemE. She is also currently a member of GSC-X. In the Kroll group, she studies the reaction pathways of key organic radical intermediates in the atmospheric aqueous phase.

Katherine Steinberg
Networking chair
Manthiram Group

Katie joined the board in 2020 as a networking chair. She is looking forward to helping to organize events that bring womxn in STEM together from both in and outside of the department. She is a member of the Manthiram lab, where she studies electrochemical nitrogen fixation for more sustainable ammonia production.

Kaylee McCormack
Support chair
Roman Group

Kaylee joined the board in 2020 as a support chair. She looks forward to developing worthwhile programming and events that facilitate interaction and cooperation between womxn in ChemE. Currently, she is also a member of GSC-X. In the Roman Lab, she works on the development of novel core-shell electrocatalysts toward fuel cell applications.

Haley Beech
Support Chair, Webmaster
Olsen Group

Haley joined the board in 2020 as support chair.  She is excited to help plan events to facilitate more frequent interactions and support between womxn across the department.  Currently, she is also a member of GSC-X and the organizer for the NetPals outreach program. In the Olsen group, she studies the relationship between topology and properties in polymer networks to better inform new material design.

Katharina Fransen
Support Chair
Olsen Group

Kat joined the board in 2021 as a support chair. She was involved in SWE in undergrad, and developed an interest in supporting women and gender diverse people in STEM. She looks forward to helping to continue to improve the support and environment for womxn in the department. In the Olsen Lab, she works on developing sustainable materials and furthering structure-property relationships in polymers.

Namita Nabar
Support chair
Hammond Group

Namita joined the GWiChE board in 2022 as support chair. She helps with organizing coffee hours and luncheons to connect female graduate students with women faculty in ChemE. She is a member of the Hammond Lab.

Alexis Hocken
Support chair
Olsen Group

Alexis joined the board in 2022 as a support chair. She is excited to help organize events and help foster interactions between womxn in the ChemE department. She is also a member of GSC-X. In the Olsen group, Alexis is developing new mechanisms for mechanical recycling of plastics.

Past Officers:

Lisa Volpatti, Anderson Lab, Co-Founder & President 2018-2019

Junli Hao, Rutledge Group, Vice President 2019-2021

Katharine Greco, Brushett Group, Networking Chair 2019-2021

Stephanie Kong, Hammond Group, Networking Chair 2019-2021

Maylin Howard, Hammond Group, Webmaster 2020-2021

Tam Nguyen, Braatz Group, Education Chair, 2019-2021

Yining (Lynn) Hao, Sikes Group, Education Chair, 2019-2022

Kara Rodby, Brushett Group, Co-Founder & President 2018-2022

Jennifer Kaczmarek, Prather Group, Secretary, 2019-2022

Sarah Cowles, Wittrup Group, Webmaster/Support Chair, 2020-2022

Maddie Dery, Lauffenburger Group, Networking Chair & President 2019-2022

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